Domestication of a foreign adoption, often referred to as "readoption," is critical for internationally adopted children who entered on IR-4 visas. In those cases, it is the court hearing date and resulting order, not entry into the United States, that makes the child a United States citizen.

Internationally adopted children who enter the United states on IR-3 visas become citizens automatically upon entry. Even for those children, however, it may be wise to domesticate the foreign adoption. In Florida, domesticating the foreign adoption facilitates applying for a Florida Certificate of Foreign Birth, which is more easily accepted than foreign birth certificates. In some instances, medical doctors may advise families that their child may be a different age, or even a different gender, than what the child's foreign birth certificate indicates. In those instances, adoptive parents may wish to domesticate the foreign adoption so they may apply for a birth certificate with the correct information.

Katie Jay is experienced at international adoptions, from readoption to applying  for and amending documents with the Social Security Administration (social security card), USCIS (Certificate of Citizenship), and the Department of State (passports).

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